Artist Kamil Dossar Franko was born in 1988 in Krakow, Poland,
to a Hungarian mother and Iraqi father, and raised in Denmark.
He currently studies in the Danish Royal Art Academy, Copenhagen. 





New Release Gallery, New York

Galleri Flintholm, Denmark

No Man´s Art


September 2015
"Love and Violence" solo show / New Release Gallery, New York

January 2015
"BODY OF FATHER" solo show / Galleri Flintholm, Denmark 

September 2013
"G R O U N D S" Solo show / Galleri Flintholm, Denmark  



August 2016
"Brandts13" group show / Brandts Museum, Gallery Flintholm, Denmark

March 2014
"Time" group show / No Man's Art Gallery, Cape Town

January 2014
"The Bridge" Group Show with Frank Paul / Galleri Flintholm, Denmark



glitchreport, 2016-20xx

Hibernation, 2016

Remembrance of a Dream, 2012
Nominated for Experimental Shortfilm / XXIII Message to Man Film Festival, St. Petersburg, October 2013  




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